Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Dumbo

Dumbo Christmas Trees

With the holiday spirit creeping up on us, we wandered around the neighborhood looking for places where Dumbo residents (or festive office workers) can pick up a holiday tree. We found two… did we miss any?

Peas & Pickles

The sidewalk along their stretch of Front Street is currently a fragrant corridor of spruce. You can pick up trees and wreaths along with your sandwich and carrot juice.

Dumbo Christmas Trees

Adam Parke Trees / Wind Swept Farm

Parke is back in Brooklyn, with a fresh shipment of trees from his Vermont farm. The Dumbo location, snuggled into the courtyard at 81 Washington Street, offers not only a big selection of trees and wreaths but also fresh maple syrup.


Dumbo Christmas Trees

Brooklyn Bridge Park

WE’RE KIDDING. Do not under any circumstances chop down these trees. They look really nice, though, right?


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