Broken Car Windows Back in Dumbo?

Archive photo of broken car window (2010)

Archive photo of broken car window (2010)

Once upon a time, when Dumbo was pre-gentrified, by parking your car overnight on remote streets, car break-ins and window smashing was in front of mind. That was before Squarehead was caught. It’s been a while since we received reports about broken car windows, but we’ve received three emails in the past week. Three emails does not define a trend, but worth noting here. One resident says:

I’m hoping you can post something about this and get community feedback. yesterday i noticed a Audi on Water st with a broken window. Today, this afternoon, out walking and saw a Volvo on Little St and 3 cars on Gold btw John and Plymouth with broken windows. Called 311…transferred me to 911, who said they can’t do anything, back to 311…who then said to call the precinct. I just called the 84th and the operator said there is nothing for them to do, unless i’m the car owner. Seems odd that they would not want to check out the cars and perhaps notify the owners, or do some drive bys to see if the perp is still active. Basically, they said there is nothing they can do…I can’t believe that since if I saw people breaking into someone’s house, you mean they wouldn’t do anything?

Hoping we don’t have this daily rash of broken windows again now that spring is here. Looks like the police don’t care.

We’re not going to need a NYPD Sky Watch, but anyone else notice car break-ins?

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