New Venue Space 26 Bridge Street Opens

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The 26 Bridge Street building is a new venue in Dumbo Brooklyn, rennovated and opened in May 2014. The renovations to this former metal factory highlight the building’s industrial past, original brick walls, large wooden doors, and 40 foot+ high ceiling with skylights. It seats about 275 people or holds 400 for receptions. The main banquet floor is 8,500 square feet plus 4,000 square feet of lobby, kitchen, bathrooms, mezzanine, and two bridal dressing rooms.

This new venue is offering to help the people who need a venue as a result of the reBar closing last week. With 26 Bridge as a new venue, there are dates available for booking now. They have told DumboNYC they will do their best to accommodate everyone and understand that budget is limited to those who already lost their deposit at reBar.

The 26 Bridge Street building falls within the Dumbo Historic District boundary. According to the Dumbo Historic District Designation Report, 26-28 Bridge Street was constructed in 1912:

History: This foundry was built for the Miller & Van Winkle Company. The Miller & Van Winkle Company was established in Brooklyn in 1881 and is said to have moved to 18 Bridge Street in 1895 and later expanded onto nearby lots. The firm manufactured precision steel springs used by many different industries. During World War I, the company manufactured five million springs for gas mask canisters, three million for Browning machine guns, and ten million miscellaneous springs. In 1912, Miller & Van Winkle employed 164 people (153 men, two children, and nine office workers). In 1939, the company moved to Paterson, New Jersey. In 1944, the building was leased to the Peercraft Paint and Varnish Company and a year later to the Peerless Paint and Varnish Company.

The brick construction and unornamented, functional design make 26-28 Bridge Street a representative example of the small-scale utilitarian structures erected to serve the area’s growing industries. Built in 1912, the structure contributes to the architectural and historical character of the DUMBO Historic District.

26 Bridge Street facade

26 Bridge Street facade

26 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-310-3040

{NYC BIS info for 26 Bridge Street}