The Witnesses Remove Signs from Watchtower Buildings in Dumbo

Watchtower sign

The Jehovah’s Witnesses sold 6 buildings in Dumbo, announced in July to real estate investment firm RFR and Kushner Companies. They have taken down all the “Watchtower” signs and the words “READ GOD’S WORD THE HOLY BIBLE DAILY” on the side of the 117 Adams building (photo before). Another blogger noticed the updates to the building over the weekend.

Whether or not you believe in the Witnesses faith, they have maintainted the buildings and the surrounding area very well. We’ve never seen any trash around their buildings, and they have mowed the grass at Clumber Corner and the area around the Brooklyn Bridge entrance since 1971 (pic). The lawn is already looking scraggly. Will anyone be maintaining the lawns?

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  • Was the parking lot at York and Front street included in the sales?
    I don’t know the process to follow, but the community should see if Main Street can get remapped from Front to York, even if only as a non-vehicular public right of way.

    • The parking lots (both York/Front and 85 Jay Street) were not included in the sale. Interesting idea, but I don’t see a developer willing to have a street cut into their lot.

      • I’m sure a developer would hate it but by breaking up the block, even if it’s just a public walkway, the bulk of whatever gets dropped in there should be diminished somewhat.

        I’m really not in a position to do anything about it (from what I’ve read you have to live or work in the CB to initiate anything).

  • Hope the Time and Temperature sign won’t be removed from Columbia Heights.

  • Watchtower is big into appearances in order to sell their fables to the public. They have what is called a “Bethel Application” which roots out anybody with an eye patch, cane, or ugly looks, etc.. They ask for a photo to be submitted with any applications. They do not want any deformed looking people living at their facilities. So, keeping the buildings looking pristine is also a part of their tactics to recruit more people under their Orwellian government.

    If the buildings were sold, I wouldn’t expect Watchtower to still cut the lawns. It is no longer their responsibility nor in any of their interest. If the people of Brooklyn actually thought for a moment these people liked them, they are nuts. They think everyone outside their nutty cult is an “unsuitable fish,” destined to die at Armageddon for not believing their yarns about Christianity..

    They are only interested in maintaining appearances if it will somehow bring in more unsuspecting victims they can manage and manipulate for their own gain. How do you think they came up with millions of dollars to buy and sell this much real estate? They did it by selling the improvident members a line of somewhat believable shit they reinforced with repetitive tactics. If you want men in your club, get a bunch of pretty women to go find some they can love bomb. Then, when the men begin showing interest, switch them over to other men. Typical bait and switch tactics are used by these recruiters.

    Run from them. They will slyly creep into your households and destroy family bonds. The nominal members do not intend to do this, but most are not aware their puppeteers designed the whole thing to break up families and then break down the individuals – to control them under an Orwellian, totalitarian regime.

    To learn more watch videos here about the nefarious Watchtower Society and the mindless puppets that call men who hide their identities from them “anointed slave.”
    Wake up people – Anointed literally means Christ. If these bozos have convinced you they are anointed, they’ve convinced you they are christs. They are not. They are false christs.

  • The JWs were good neighbors, I’ll miss em.

  • Any views on what effect the development of 85 Jay St. will have on real estate prices in the area?

  • Are they trying to dodge their own prophecy of the UN destroying all religions by getting out of the way? Or maybe they done a deal with them when then partnered with the UN for nearly 10 years?