Gran Electrica Happy Hours Starts Today

Gran Electrica

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[UPDATE: Happy hour has been updated. It is between 5:30-6:30pm]

Gran Electrica is now offering happy hour specials (starting today, 11/26/2012), Monday-Friday, between 5:30-6:30p pm in their bar area. You may have tried their excellent tacos, tortas, and ceviches, but if you haven’t tried their tasty cocktails, bring a co-worker or friend and try them out. The Margarita de Toronja Picante, a Habanero-infused tequila, Combier, lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, jalapeño syrup, spicy grapefruit salt or Mi Michelada, a refreshing Tecate Lager based cocktail with Valentina hot sauce, Worcestershire, lime, Clamato juice, celery & chili piquin salt are great choices. They also have Mexican beers, sodas, and Spanish wines on the menu.

NY Times reviewed Gran Electrica earlier this month.

Gran Eléctrica (
5 Front Street (at Old Fulton Street), Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: (718) 852-2700

Mon-Thu Dinner 6pm-10:30pm, Bar 12am
Fri Dinner 6pm-11:30pm, Bar 1am
Sat/Sun Brunch 12pm-3pm
Sat Dinner 5pm-10:30pm, Bar 1am
Sun Dinner 5pm-11:30pm, Bar 12am

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