The First Show at the New St. Ann's Warehouse is Mies Julie

In just two weeks, the new St. Ann’s Warehouse at 29 Jay Street will show the American Premiere of the Baxter Theatre of South Africa’s Mies Julie.

Susan Feldman, Artistic Director of St. Ann’s said in an email newsletter, “We are tremendously grateful to all who have helped us stay in DUMBO and activate the new warehouse. We are meeting our new neighbors — great bars and restaurants! — and we’re particularly thrilled to welcome Brooklyn Roasting from next door as our coffee bar. We’re hustling to put up our posters, hang our banners, and add the finishing touches we need to start greeting you on November 8th. So, come celebrate this bountiful confluence of riches — Mies Julie was too good to pass up when we saw it in Edinburgh, and it is our great privilege to now pass it on to you. It’s really incredible. See you soon at St. Ann’s Warehouse!”

Mies Julie will be showing from November 8 – December 2, 2012. For info and tickets, go to

St. Anne’s Warehouse (
29 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

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