Brooklyn's Literary Scene (Conde Nast)

Conde Nast Traveler magazine has a feature article about Brooklyn’s literary scene: “All great cities have their defining tribes, whose mores and tastes permeate the urban landscape. Los Angeles has its movie people, Paris has its fashion designers–and New York Has always had its writers. Boris Kachka maps their new stomping ground.”

In a related feature of the article, there’s a slideshow of “Brooklyn Writers’ Favorite Local Haunts“. A few of Dumbo’s bookstores pictured – powerhouse Books (37 Main St), P.S. Bookshop (76 Front St), and Melville House (145 Plymouth St).

On Dumbo, Author Boris Kachka writes:

“The death of publishing is lamented right alongside the death of the literary party, and in that arena, too, Brooklyn (particularly DUMBO, the neighborhood just east of the Brooklyn Bridge) is proving the naysayers wrong. A couple of upstart book publishers have bookstores at ground level—in the tradition of bygone spots like Scribner’s in Manhattan. PowerHouse Arena is a lofty and beautiful gallery/bookstore as well as a publisher (37 Main St.; 718-666-3049), and tiny Melville House has a little storefront—possibly the only shop in New York devoted exclusively to independent presses (145 Plymouth St.; 718-722-9204). P.S. Bookshop isn’t affiliated with a publisher but offers one of the borough’s most comprehensive selections of used books—in a new, larger location—and is definitely worth a lengthy browse (76 Front St.; 718-222-3340).”

Check out the article for more on the literary scene in Brooklyn.