New DUMBO Startup Lab Launched

DUMBO Startup Lab (not to be confused with the Dumbo Incubator) launched for business last month. DUMBO Startup Lab is a an affordable, flexible and convenient communal work space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and startup companies. Similar to other co-working spaces such as Loosecubes, the goal is to create a synergetic atmosphere for innovative thinkers and developers. As Dumbo becomes the base for more and more startups, the DUMBO Startup Lab fosters the entrepreneur, freelancer, and designer collaboration. They also host community meetups, networking events, panel discussions and creative workshops.

DUMBO Startup Lab’s rates are lower than similar co-working spaces found throughout New York City. Portable desk rates start at $200/month and stationary desks start at $300/month. There’s no deposit or binding time commitment. Another great option for co-working space in Dumbo.

DUMBO Startup Lab (
68 Jay st. #415 Brooklyn, NY 11201