Grimaldi's Pizza Closed…For Now

[UPDATE Sat Dec 17: Grimaldi’s has opened at 1 Front Street.]

The Grimaldi’s location at 19 Old Fulton Street closed yesterday. The new location will be opening next door (1 Front Street), but there’s no opening date at this time. The move to 1 Front Street was originally scheduled for November 29, but was delayed due to a stop work order for an illegal coal oven install. @FultonFerry posted the above photo on Twitter with the caption “Priceless: The look on tourists’ faces when they see what remains of Grimaldi’s”.

Meanwhile, we have not heard back from Patsy Grimaldi, the original owner of Grimaldi’s before he sold the restaurant, and owner of Juliana’s Pizza, the incoming pizza place taking over the coal oven location on a new open date for his new restaurant. Before the delayed Grimaldi closing, the original open date was scheduled for March 2012.

{Grimaldi Pizza Move Delayed, 29Nov2011}
{Patsy Grimaldi’s Coming out of Retirement to Take Over Original Pizza Location}

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