Tonight's Art Event: DUMBO ART Happening

What: DUMBO ART Happening, Curated by ADLER A.F., Berlin/Germany
When: 11/29/2011, 7-10pm
Where: 68 Jay Street, #611, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Dumbo-Hot In A Disco- Art Happening — A ‘pump and grind’ event on November 29th, 7 – 10 pm, 68 Jay Street, Brooklyn, with a diverse group of artists who all share a devout commitment to their craft: John Ensor Parker, Janet Cristenfeld and Emil Memon with paintings, Charles von Herrlich and Manzoni with sculpture, Gregory de la Haba film stills and ADLER A.F. with her eponymous trash art. Its a meeting of visions, themes, ideas and ideologies.

The show’s German, Berlin based curator ADLER A.F. explains, vis a vis her grand motto IN ART WE TRUST:

“It’s sort of a spontaneous guerrilla event, devised between the participating artists and myself from dialogue we shared over the last month about the economy and the artist’s response, feelings, towards it. In this moment & time all the arts the world over are in the crosshairs of an financial ‘perfect storm’; rising rents and production costs amid an economic meltdown within the Eurozone and with ‘frozen’ American banks struggling to survive. It is a new world order where commerce dictates more and more complex interplay between artists, curators, institutions (commercial and non profit alike), dealers, art critic/advisor/writer hustlers, art fares, public or private money, etc., etc., it would be nice to simply cut through all of this with a simple gesture: To find a space and come together to share each other’s work and discuss. A desire for camaraderie amongst all artist types with sincere, unabashed and raucous conversation about our livelihoods, about our art. Art exists only in this transaction between the creator and the viewer. It?s an intimate experience not unlike sex. The disco is getting hotter!”

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