Dumbo is… (Celebrating 5 Years of Dumbo BID)

To honor the Dumbo Improvement District‘s 5 years, the BID asked us all to fill in the blank for “DUMBO IS ______”. Today’s guest post by Danii Oliver summarizes her idea of what Dumbo is:


DUMBO is Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. We call it Downtown-Brooklyn Under the Manhattan and Brooklyn-bridge Overpasses. Not an exact anagram but many people in NYC don’t know what the heck nor where the heck DUMBO is. So putting it that way helps them map it out in their minds.

For the seasoned generation of New Yorkers the ones who know New York City better than the back of their hands the area DUMBO has alluded then because, once upon a time you were considered a dumbo for coming down here. So those New Yorkers never charted this part of Brooklyn.

DUMBO is foreign for others. So much so that they have put it out their minds dismissing DUMBO as too difficult to get to or out of the way.

DUMBO is, in fact, in the middle of three (3) major junctions: Fulton Street & Borough Hall not far from Atlantic Terminal; the Manhattan Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge; the BQE 10 minutes from Queens and 10 minutes from the heart of Brooklyn.

DUMBO is Not out of the way. Nor is it far. Many people bike to DUMBO take the ferry to DUMBO and ride the B25 or B69 buses into the neighborhood.

DUMBO is fresh. We have the cityscape, the river, a water front park and piers to walk down.

DUMBO is safe. We work all day and all night in DUMBO. I’ve walked my dig in the park at 11-12 o’clock in the middle of the night and met neighbors there doing the same.

DUMBO is the epicenter of growth and change in New York City. No other neighborhood is like it. Sorry WillieB, you guys might have “The Burg” & “East WillieB” web series but DUMBO’s got blockbuster films being shot down here. Not to mention tons more commercials, music videos and photo shoots. DUMBO’s got y’all beat!

by Danii Oliver, Interactive designer and developer. CDO of DAMN Digital Studio, an Interactive Agency.

Congratulations Dumbo Improvement District! Thank you!

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