Find Rentals in Dumbo with Naked Apartments

Naked Apartments simplifies the NYC apartment rental hunt with broker reviews, anonymous messaging, no duplicate listings, and reverse search — where brokers and landlords send renters suggested listings. The site has over 15,000 apartments, of which several thousand are no-fee only. The site is completely free for renters. They have a quality blog as well with infographics and issues related to rentals.

Their latest post includes rental prices for NYC based on data they collected and from Trulia. Not surprisingly, the Dumbo neighborhood is the highest average rental cost at $3,620 per month in Brooklyn. The #1 in Manhattan is Tribeca at $4,947, #1 in Bronx is Riverdale at $1,190, and #1 in Queens is Hunter’s Point at $3,046. Dumbo also is #8 priciest neighborhood for 1 bedroom apartments in NYC ($3,280 per month).

Naked Apartments was launched almost two years ago and growing, as more renters discover that they offer a unique platform to find their next apartment. We asked the founder and the CEO how Naked Apartments competes against the larger rental sites. “Naked Apartments competes against these large players by providing a better site for New Yorkers looking for their next apartment. We certainly can’t outspend the major sites, and we certainly can’t compete with their brand-recognition, but we can compete by putting out a better site with features that solve the frustrations that NYC renters face,” says CEO Joe Charat. “We enable renters to search by several features that aren’t available on many of the leading sites. Those include move-in-date, doormen, free-months-rent, no-fee, balcony, elevator, laundry, etc.”

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