Shooting in Vinegar Hill?

We received this email from a 99 Gold Street resident about a shootout at Farragut Homes last night. Did anyone else hear this and did you call the 84th Precinct (718-875-6811) or 311?

“99 Gold St resident here, there was a really out-of-control shooting at, where else, Farragut Housing, last evening. However, this time was different than the usual shot or two at 4 AM…this one was at 9:30 PM and bullets were literally whizzing down the street. I was stepping out and had to run back in with bullets flying. Pretty scary.

I wanted to find out more about the event and what the police is doing, but calling the precinct was a dead-end…what else can we do?”

So does the NYPD have to bring back Sky Watch again?

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