Restaurant Liquor License Application for Restaurant Concept at 1 Main Street


1 Main Street

1 Main Street

[UPDATE Feb 5, 2013: Governor closed after Hurricane Sandy]

Can you imagine being able to get the quality of food from a chef trained at world class restaurants such as Noma of Copenhagen, Denmark or Per Se of NYC, two of the world’s best restaurants in the world in Dumbo Brooklyn? That’s what this online petition is pitching to gain support from fellow Dumbo residents for a liquor license application. It states:

Dear Neighbors,

We hope this letter finds you well. We are No Name Hunt Club, the owners of an upcoming great Restaurant in DUMBO, at 1 Main Street.

We are applying to the State Liquor Authority for an on-premise liquor license and want to reach out to you in hopes of gaining your support for this exciting venture.

No Name Hunt Club is a full service restaurant that will endeavor to use only locally sourced and certified organic Brooklyn based producers and provide the community with a casual yet high-quality interpretation of New American dining. It will represent DUMBO and its surrounding neighborhoods with a much needed eating and drinking establishment that focuses on all things gastronomically New York.

The food at No Name Hunt Club may include such items as: local produce from neighboring farms, locally sourced meats, artisanal regional cheeses, and a fresh fish selection from our nearest waters and shorelines. The wine selection will feature a diverse and thorough wine by the glass list of unique yet approachable, affordable high quality wines. In addition, we will have a reserve list from a cellar of consigned wines of avid collectors in our area.

All my best,
Brad McDonald
No Name Hunt Club Partner

We were intrigued about this so we spoke to Chef Brad McDonald about this. Brad is a classically trained chef from Mississippi, and currently resides in Dumbo. He received his culinary training in Dijon, France before coming to NYC where he worked at Alain Ducasse at the Essex House and Per Se. He was most recently at Noma in Copenhagen, which is widely considered the #1 restaurant in the world. Brad is currently the executive chef at Colonie in Brooklyn. They’re impressive credentials for sure, but what’s his vision for the Dumbo restaurant at 1 Main? Will it be like Colonie or more like Per Se? “I think that what we are aiming for in Dumbo is going to be something between the two. It’s important to me that the spot stays “Brooklyn” at its core, but also attempts to raise the bar for food in the borough,” says Chef McDonald. He adds that “the menu will be totally chef driven – an outlet for creativity.”

If you’d like to support this new restaurant, go to

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