Front and York Street Redesign Proposal

As part of the Old Fulton Street redesign presented by the NYC DOT (DOT PDF, 3.42mb), the street leading to Pier 1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park got all of the attention. However, it’s also worth noting that they are proposing to shorten the cross walk at York Street and Front Street from 71 feet to 25 feet. Their proposal will:

  • Improve sight lines for drivers on York Street turning onto Front Street
  • Shorten cross walk distance from 71 to 25 feet
  • Add new bicycle markings
  • Construct landscaped neckdowns on Front and York Streets

We’ve seen a bicyclist get hit in that crosswalk and several near misses. Cars seem to zoom by that long crosswalk and swerve around pedestrians and bicyclists, so this proposal would reduce the risk of an accident there.

{DOT Looks to Revamp the Streets Near Pier 1 but Not B25 Bus Route, 13Jul2011}

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