Dumbo Einsteins Summer Program

From our friends at Abundant Learning:

The Abundant Learning Academy for Advanced Tots (Summer Program)

Like most parents, you probably think your smarty pants is well, pretty darned smart! If you are struggling to find a pre-K learning platform which is stimulating and nurturing for your precocious toddler, Abundant Learning has a very special learning opportunity for your child.

Many preschool early learning programs are geared towards socialization and setting the foundations of literacy, numbers, physical interaction, music and art. For children who have mastered some or all of these early learning hurdles, it can be very challenging to find new ways to stimulate and build on your child’s nascent love of learning.

If you believe your almost 3-5 year old has shown some signs of being an early learner- for example, has mastered their ABCs, shows some early signs of reading, facility with counting or is exceptionally verbal and able to think and express himself abstractly, he or she may be ready for Dumbo Einsteins!

Abundant Learning has designed a Summer Program focused on two key modules in support of math/numbers and art/literacy, combined in a June through August program which fits with most Summer Camp plans. The math/numbers module will be taught in a game format to teach Chess. Chess is known to be a mathematical game which encourages non linear and abstract thinking and problem solving. Jason Ciano is experienced with introducing children to this exciting lifetime of learning and gamesmanship. The advantages of this program include small exclusive group lessons where we are able to track tangible progress in lessons. Jason uses a proven lesson plan and light homework to create deep connections within our students’ brains.

The literacy/art module will combine early reading skills with a weekly art project that goes way beyond finger paints! On the literacy front, Elizabeth Craynon Frank will use multimedia tools to focus on vocabulary development and executive functioning skills and tie the written word to the weekly art exploration taught by Yolanda Blue. The art projects will entail mask making, printmaking, drawing, painting, and crafts that will culminate in a cumulative project which merges various aspects of the literacy theme for the summer. The goal of the literacy art project is to challenge our 3-5 year old’s by scaffolding their comfort with ABC’s and early word recognition and learning skills into full fledged reading activities in well in advance of when most schools (public or private) will actively teach reading. Writing and letter formation will fall naturally from both the reading and art modules.

Our small group size of 6 students allows for individualized attention and personalized instruction. The learning environment is specifically designed to help advanced students feel empowered to express themselves in deep and meaning full ways.

Classes will be two days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:15- 1:15pm as follows:
Chess/Math: June 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8, 15
Art/Literacy: July 13, 20, 27, August 3, 10, 17
Class cost is $350.00 for the summer session
Contact Liz Craynon Frank at 917-727-8839 or via email at liz@abundantlearning.org with questions and to sign up today! Very limited space is available.

{Summer Programs for Kids in Dumbo, 16May2011}

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