2010 Census Figures Show Major Increase in Dumbo Population

We previously wrote about the pre-census data of Dumbo. Census 2010 figures for New York City and the state were released last week. Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz thinks that “It’s a mistake” and that “It is inconceivable that Brooklyn — the hottest borough in which to live, work and play — grew only a small percentage in the past decade,” according to a Brooklyn Paper article. Brooklyn’s population is up from 2.465 million in 2000, but well below 2.579 million that the Census Bureau projected in 2009. Other areas in NYC are disputing the census figures, and even Mayor Bloomberg, launched an official challenge of the citywide 2010 Census count, according to a NY Daily News article.

Dumbo however, has grown by 218% since 2000 and the population stands at 3604 in 2010. Dumbo is part of Tract 21, which is the area bound by Hudson Ave, York St, Old Fulton St, Waterfront (includes Dumbo, Vinegar Hill, and Fulton Ferry). The 2010 population and percent change are:

White 2820   +272%
Black/African-Am. 227   +25%
Hispanic 315   +101%
Asian 343   +491%
Am. Indian/Alaskan 7   +600%
Hawaiian/Pacific Is.   2   NA%
Other 53   -37%
Two or More Races 152   +245%

Go to WNYC to view an interactive map of the Census 2010.

{Early Census Bureau for Dumbo Isn’t Much of a Surprise, 22Dec2010}

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