Abundant Learning Lecture Series with Dr. Paul Yellin: Every Child Can Succeed


From our friends at Abundant Learning, there is a free lecture with Dr. Paul Yellin on Thursday. He will have a short presentation on recent advances in neuroscience and how the findings should affect the way we think about learning.:

Thanks to the emerging field of Mind, Brain, and Education, we are learning that we should be asking students, “How are you smart?” NOT “How smart are you?” Building on his work at the All Kinds of Minds Institute and in his own medical practice, as well as the latest research on education and child development, Dr. Yellin will provide practical suggestions to parents that will help them better understand and address their childrens unique learning needs.

Dr. Yellin, the Director of The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education, has dedicated his entire career to improving the well-being and development of young people. Prior to the establishment of The Yellin Center in 2007, he served for five years as National Director of the Student Success Program at the not-for-profit All Kinds of Minds Institute. There, he worked closely with the Institute’s researchers and clinicians to deliver a multi-disciplinary model of learning assessments and personalized learning plans to thousands of students from across the world at sites in New York City and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. For more information see www.YellinCenter.com

Come hear Dr. Yellin present a short presentation providing cutting edge information on brain research revealing insights on learning styles and strategies. Perfect for parents of struggling students (K-College) and educational professionals.

Thursday, March 24th at 7PM

Abundant Learning
68 Jay St., #513, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Information and RSVP: 917-727-8839 or liz@abundantlearning.org

Coffee and Snacks provided