1st Thursdays DUMBO Gallery Walk (03Feb2011)

On February 3rd, the waterfront neighborhood of DUMBO will welcome art lovers and fun seekers to First Thursday, a monthly gallery walk where gallery spaces celebrate the vivacious New York art scene that has become a cultural hallmark for this Brooklyn neighborhood. Exhibitions, interactive installations, and opening receptions at local galleries comprise this month’s First Thursday on Thursday, February 3rd from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. After the gallery walk, Lane Simons’ and Chad Lynch’s comedy Etiquette Unraveled has its New York premiere at 10 Jay Street, and Under Water Lounge (at Water Street Restaurant) presents a screening of Open Water.

Two Trees Management, in collaboration with participating galleries, is proud to host this festive evening, giving visitors and residents the chance to immerse themselves in DUMBO’s cultural offerings. Local bars offer drink specials afterward as well.

This month’s highlights include an opening reception for Janos Stone’s Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable from Magic, an installation presented by Dumbo Arts Center and sponsored by Two Trees Management, inviting viewers to travel between micro and macro universes; an artist talk at Bose Pacia Gallery by Tedd Nash Pomaski on his exhibition At the Foot of the Lighthouse; a swap meet at Dumbo Arts Center for their exhibition Information Economy; a reception at Kunsthalle Galapagos offering a preview of Ofri Cnaani’s installation-in-progress The Sota Project; and Klompching Gallery’s SPLASH II, featuring works by six contemporary photographers.

Check gallery websites for updates.
A.I.R. Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 228
Amos Eno Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 202
Brooklyn Arts Council, 111 Front St., Suite 218
Caption Gallery, 55 Washington St., Suite 802
Central Booking, 111 Front St., Suite 214
Collective Consciousness NYC, 10 Jay St.
DUMBO Arts Center, 111 Front St., Suite 212
Farmani Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 212
Giacobetti Paul Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 220
Henry Gregg Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 226
Klompching Gallery, 111 Front St.
Kris Graves Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 224
Melville House, 145 Plymouth St.
Mighty Tanaka Gallery, 68 Jay St., Suite 416
One Arm Red, 10 Jay St.
Powerhouse Books & Powerhouse Arena, 37 Main St.
Rabbithole Studio, 33 Washington St.
Randall Scott Gallery, 111 Front St., Suite 204
Smack Mellon, 93 Plymouth St. @ Washington Street
Spring, 126a Front St.
Umbrage Gallery, 111 Front St.
VII Photo, 28 Jay St.