Happy New Year’s Eve Dumbo! Welcome 2011!

The Cleanup/Manhattan Bridge Arch at Adams

Unless you have been out of town and haven’t been reading any news, Dumbo (and most of the East Coast) got 24 inches of snow this Sunday, and still shoveling off snow on some side streets. We’re stuck in the midwest due to flight backups, but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful new year’s celebration over the weekend.

Thank you for reading and emailing me throughout the year. We had the same amount of traffic as in 2009 at 500,000+ unique visits, but slightly less page views at 959,000. I still think that it’s pretty amazing that people are so interested in the 10 or so square blocks of Dumbo Brooklyn.

I’m still hoping to post a Dumbo recap of 2010, but will have to wait until the new year. (UPDATE:posted here) We have some new exciting things planned for DumboNYC.com in 2011, including more Crossing Dumbo video portraits, New York Digital District founder/entrepreneur profiles, and events. If you would like to be involved or have any personal Dumbo stories, Dumbo events, photos, or news, please contact me. Guest bloggers/writers/reporters welcome.

Also, visit our small businesses in the neighborhood by reading about them in our archive: dumbonyc.com/category/dumbo-retail. Thank you to the following for their advertising support on the site:

(After operating fees, I make anonymous donations to Dumbo-based non profit organizations with the remaining. Thus thank you for your support by reading this!) If you have any tips or news about Dumbo, please email us at dumbonyc@gmail.com. Happy Holidays Dumbo and see you in 2011!