Wild Wild Dumbo

Remember the wilderness days of Dumbo? Benjamin Sutton, Arts Editor at Dumbo based The L Magazine, writes about Dumbo’s ‘Urban Wilderness’ and how the newest pet, Doni (or is it Justin?), posted over the weekend by us continues Dumbo’s reputation. First the wild cats roaming the streets of Dumbo (now primarily in Vinegar Hill), then Dumbo pigs, and now the goat. Funny man Benjamin writes:

“The above photo provided completely out of any sort of context on amdaily’s Flickr shows a man and his goat at the corner of Jay and York Streets (one is named Doni, the other Justin, but which one’s which?), just to remind you that Dumbo, land of bank robberies, manhole explosions, street saloons and big-news traffic lights is still a Wild West frontier town. We’re looking for a new sheriff, btw.”

(photo by amdaily).

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