RE/Mixed Media Festival 2010 at Galapagos

On Sunday, May 30 from 2pm-midnight, the RE/Mixed Media Festival 2010 will take place at Galapagos Art Space. It is the first event of its kind in the extremely timely world of remix and mash-up artists and will include festival screenings, curated screenings, panel discussions, NY premieres, a remixed art auction, remixed fashion show, and more. LOFI (League of Independents) and various artists presented by Jan Larsen Art have teamed up to present this festival, aimed to challenge the current laws by bringing public awareness to media mixing as a legitimate practice, while at the same time remaining within their boundaries of the law.

LOFI (League of Independents), an arts organization dedicated to supporting independent media in New York City, has announced that the RE/Mixed Media Festival 2010 will be held on Sunday, May 30th in partnership with Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn. The event will begin at 2 pm and will continue throughout the afternoon and evening. The festival will celebrate remix/mashup artists of multiple disciplines and will feature curated film & video remixes, a remixed fashion show, a silent art auction of remixed visual art presented by Jan Larsen Art, DJs and live sound art, live video remixing, an “Artists Only” panel discussion, sponsor tables, a “roots room” illustrating remix throughout the history of art, and live musical performances. The festival will culminate in the screening of the work of selected entrants from around the world who have submitted their video remixes to the festival. Highlights are the NY premiere of Perry Bard’s Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake, and a special performance by legendary sound remixer, Steinski. Please see the attached talent roster for a more detailed listing.

Over the past decade, digital technology has allowed artists and consumers access to media-creating tools previously only available to professionals. The result has been not only an explosion of user-generated media, but an explosion of creativity. Artists began remixing and mashing up existing media, creating new works of art using elements from other sources. The result has been a flurry of controversy over intellectual property and copyright. RE/Mixed Media Festival aims to continue this conversation by bringing a public awareness to the myriad disciplines of art that remix touches and its respected place in the history of art.

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