2010 Dumbo Arts Festival Announced (Now with More Two Trees)


Two Trees Management announced the dates for this year’s Dumbo Arts Festival: September 24-26, 2010. The event takes place in Dumbo– its galleries, storefronts, performance venues, studios, parks and even extend into the river. The Festival will be multi-disciplinary, celebrating high-quality art ranging from visual art to performance art, music, and literature. The event is in its 14th year and Two Trees will take on a more active role this year and continue to work with DUMBO Arts Center (DAC), the organization that founded the event.

Their press release says that for the first time, the DUMBO Arts Festival will introduce family programming. Look for more information coming at www.dumboartsfestival.com.

Press release from Two Trees Management (PDF)

Dumbo Arts Festival: (DumboNYC archives)

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