Watchtower Plans on Moving Out of Brooklyn

Prospect Street

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is moving its headquarters out of Brooklyn Heights and up to Warwick, NY, according to a story by Brooklyn Daily Eagle. We previously posted a story that they are moving some operations out of Brooklyn, but the Brooklyn Eagle story is more definitive:

“We have submitted a proposal to the Town of Warwick to build a complex there that we’re calling the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses,” Richard Devine told the Eagle Tuesday. “We have started the land use process there.” Devine, who is in charge of real property for the religious organization, was confirming what was contained in a document forwarded anonymously to the Eagle last week.

The current world headquarters and administrative offices at 25 and 30 Columbia Heights, which are massive buildings — they are 13 and 10 stories, respectively, and 304,650 and 402,300 square feet — are still occupied and the business of the organization goes on.

“We have eight smaller buildings [in Brooklyn Heights] we have yet to sell,” Devine said in a 2009 interview. “Because of the market we are not actively promoting their sale. We’ve even started using the Bossert [Hotel] again on a limited basis.”

The article mentions the Brooklyn Heights buildings but does not mention the buildings in and around Dumbo, including 69 Adams (the ‘tennis court‘ building), and the parking lots on 85 Jay Street and the lot behind 70 Washington Street at York and Front Street. There’s nothing official yet on the Dumbo properties, but we do know the ‘Witnesses’ take great care of their properties and are nice neighbors (though some may object to the religious practices).

Watchtower parking lot

85 Jay Street

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