New Chef Announced for Dumbo General Store

Dumbo General Store (or DGS) has announced their new chef, who will be replacing the space that is left by Hecho en Dumbo after Saturday. According to their announcement today, chef David Conn, owner of Edisto Restaurant will be the resident chef at DGS. According to the announcement, Chef Conn “recently arrived from Nashville, where he owned Edisto, a well-received restaurant of Southern-inspired flavors.” His specialty is authentic Southern food, but incorporates dishes from other regions. He is also a “master of classic brunch food, including supergood weekend fare like his signature Hangover Pancake (Goldschlager infused apples in a Bailey’s pancake batter and Grand Marnier syrup!) or his Brie Stuffed Brioche French Toast w/ Rasberry Coulis.”

We spoke with Anna Castellani, owner of DGS on about the new chef and the upcoming changes.

How did you end up picking Chef Conn for your space? Does he already live in NYC or is this a move for him?

A bit like Danny with Hecho, David came to me through his good friend. In this case it was Tom, our manager. Also a bit like Danny, he’s a young ambitious chef without capital for his own restaurant. He moved to the city 6 months ago. I tasted some of his cooking and loved his energy and enthusiasm. I really enjoy being a venue for young chefs to showcase.

How much of Edisto’s menu will be coming over to Dumbo? Will Chef Conn’s Sweetgrass Smokerie menu items also make it to the Dumbo General Store?

As for the Sweetgrass Smokerie items, Two Trees wouldn’t be too thrilled with a smoker. We are contemplating a mobile truck smoker though. I think he will be bring some of his Edisto menu here with some changes. There will be a lot of small plates, a changing entree menu, seasonal desserts, an expanded brunch menu on the weekends and homemade soups everyday with sandwich specials at lunch using house-roasted meats. Prices will be in-line with my commitment to be a great neighborhood value.

Will there be a new name for the restaurant similar to what Hecho en Dumbo had?

In order to reduce confusion both day and night will be the DUMBO General Store or DGS.

Will Chef Conn’s interest in music be a part of the restaurant? Will there be live music?

There will definately be music.

The opening date is scheduled for first week of November with small plates, tastings, and new cocktail offerings. There are also two new bartenders from NYC who will be making great cocktails (No worries to Hecho regulars, there will be a killer margarita.) There will also be a happy hour feature for all the mom’s in the neighborhood. On weekdays between 4-6pm, DGS will be family-friendly event, offering drink and wine specials for the adults and a healthy, kid-friendly menu. Please welcome Chef Conn to the Dumbo General Store.

Dumbo General Store (
111 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718.855.5288

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