Youth-run Farm Stand at Farragut

Please show your support for this student-run market at PS307 (The Dr. Daniel Hale Williams School in the Vinegar Hill). The farm stand which will be a source of fresh, local fruits and vegetables for the community. It is open two more Wednesdays (in October) from 3:30 – 7:30 pm. One of their goals is to increase access to healthy food for the residents of the Farragut houses and surrounding communities. They are hoping to keep this program going for a full growing season, but the market needs more shoppers in order to sustain it. Please pass on the word to your neighbors (pdf flyer)

This project is one piece of a larger program run by Myrtle Avenue Restoration Project (MARP) dedicated to food justice and food access for the communities in the Whitman, Ingersoll and Farragut Houses.

Also read the article NY Times ran on Oct 8.

Location: P.S. 307 playground at 209 York Street, Brooklyn
This initiative is a collaboration between Council on the Environment for New York City, the Myrtle Avenue Restoration Project (MARP) and PS 307.