Google Map Adds Dumbo POIs

Google Map has started adding ‘points of interest’ on their Dumbo map, including restaurants, bars, stores, and companies in the area. A few of them are misplaced on the map (for example, Brooklyn Flea Dumbo is no longer on Front Street and Blueberi is misplaced on Pearl St) and there are many others missing (though I’m sure it’s a work in progress). Is Google planning on mapping out all the street level retail stores in the area? They’re not yet at the level of detail that, say, MondoMap has, but given their mantra of organizing the world’s information, perhaps they’re moving towards combining maps, business listings, and local blogs on the map. They’re not going to catch up with hyperlocal news and content of (’s Dumbo news:, but it looks like Google is moving towards that direction.

And the center of Dumbo according to the map? Galapagos Art Space; could be a center of culture (or something), but based on Dumbo Historic District boundaries, the Pearl Street Triangle would be more central on the map.

Google Map of Dumbo

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