Rabbithole Studio Featured in NY Times

Rabbithole Studio is a professional studio in Dumbo that rents studio space for artists and presents solo and group exhibitions for up-and-coming artists. What makes them stand out is that Shawn Lyons, the owner also runs Rabbit Movers, a moving company that specializes in moving and caring for fine art and furniture, and “hire only people who were passionate about art, as he was, and had creative ambitions, as he did.” The NY Times article writes:

Today, Rabbit Movers owns three trucks and employs 40 people. Its reputation continues to grow through positive word of mouth and almost uniformly strong endorsement on Web sites like Yelp.com.

Mr. Lyons estimated that the company took in $400,000 last year, though he was unsure because he only recently began managing his books. But he remains in debt, he said, partly due to his devotion to an exciting byproduct of the endeavor: Rabbit’s growth as an artists’ collective.

According to people interviewed, Rabbit Movers could be making a lot more money, but the business allows him to be “an unlikely patron of the Brooklyn art scene, content to set aside his own writing, for the time being, to provide a valuable platform for others.” It’s nice to see a platform such as Rabbit Movers and Rabbithole Studio be in Dumbo that empowers and highlights emerging artists. They are currently calling for entries (due September 1, 2009) for the Fall Emerging Artists 2009 show that starts on September 24, 2009 during the 2009 Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival.

Rabbithole Studio / Rabbit Movers
33 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Rabbithold Studio tel: 718-852-1500
Rabbit Movers tel: 718-852-2352
info@rabbitholestudio.com | move@rabbitmovers.com

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