Dumbo Tidbits Friday the 17th Edition

1) Have you seen this bike?

“My BRAND new Fuji seafoam green bike was stolen today. I’m so bummed. I’ve never seen another bike like this and it will definitely stand out if anyone was to see it in the neighborhood. It was stolen from the corner of Washington and Water St right in front of the Sovereign Bank sometime during the day (Thu, July 16). I would be so grateful to have my neighbors on the look out for it.” If you’ve seen this bike, email us.

2) Front Street Flower Shop Lease Cancelled

Gair Building No 6

The lease for the planned flower school and shop at 81 Front Street was terminated before they took over the space. During the spring, the 6,600 square foot space was temporarily used for part of the Brooklyn Flea. According to a person familiar with negotiations, there are other tenants being considered for this space.

3) 68 Jay Street Store?

Does anyone know what retailer will be occupying the space formerly known as Indigo Handloom on Jay Street? We’ve heard rumors that either a clothing store, shoe store, or a food store will be moving into the space.

4) Digital Dumbo #7

If you haven’t signed up already, this month’s Digital DUMBO is co-hosted by NYC Seed and Two Trees with drinks sponsored by MyBankTracker bringing together a collaborative effort from leading companies in DUMBO and the broader NYC area to discuss a topic that interests our entire community.

This month’s event, titled “Growing Up” will include a panel discussion (from Dumbo companies drop.io, Tunecore, outside.in, and MyBankTracker) on how to make the jump from a true start-up to a corporate environment capable of taking on larger projects. The panel discussion will address issues related to growing pains: Hiring, Business Development Processes, Internal Processes, Funding the growth, Morale, and Retaining start-up culture. Lots of other happenings (URDB (Universal Record Database) will be recording an exclusive Digital DUMBO world record this month at the event) at this monthly event and will be located at 76 Front Street (@ Washington Street). July 30, 2009, 6:30pm.

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