ISSUE Project Room Soundwalk-a-thon (in Dumbo)

On the afternoon of Sunday June 7, a group of artists will lead ‘sonic excursions’ throughout New York as part of a rare live sonic arts experiment — the ISSUE Project Room Soundwalk-a-thon. We’ve featured Soundwalk previously, and they have since updated the content for Dumbo.

Led and designed by some of New York’s most exciting sound artists and musicians, these walks will take groups of 10-20 people at a time on an intimate journey of sonic discovery to experience our community in a way they may never have done before — through sound. Walks range from meditative deep listening, to sing-a-longs, to noise-making walks incorporating instruments, iPods, boomboxes, cell phones, or silence in order to amplify the nuances of our ever-changing soundscape.

There are two Soundwalks in the Dumbo area on Sunday at 3pm:

1) Demasking The Bridges led by Daniel Neumann: “Demasking The Bridges” will explore the small triangle between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side. The soundscape of this area is mainly dominated by the traffic of the two bridges. By slowly oscillating between the bridges, crossing through diverse surroundings the group will learn about and experience the “Masking Effect”. Focusing on the weaker maskees and shifting the threshold of the masker with our movement will then slowly uncover more and more sound events underneath the threshold.

Artist’s website:

2) Underpass Walk led by Bruce Tovsky: “This soundwalk will replicate many excursions I have made throughout Dumbo and the adjoining areas doing research and recordings (both video and binaural audio) for my 2007/8 piece titled UNDERPASS. While exploring this area I was struck by the incredibly resonant spaces under and around the bridges and overpasses at the intersection of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. This fascination became an obsession and grew into an hour long video/live sound performance that premiered at Issue Project Room in a workshop form and took its full form in a month long residency at Diapason. In 2008 it toured the EU, with performances and installations at Literaturhaus in København, Steim in Amsterdam and at “64” in Paris.” – Bruce Tovsky

Artist’s website:

To sign up, go to To sponsor a walker and donate to ISSUE Project Room, go here. Also check out the Soundwalk blog at