CPC on Dock Street Dumbo: Need More Details for Decision

 [+] click for larger. Dock Street Height Comparison as provided by architect Bleyer Binder Belle

In a public review session at the City Planning Commission (CPC) yesterday, they discussed the Dock Street Dumbo plans to better assess testimonies, alternatives, and issues raised at the Public Hearing on March 4, which included public testimonies. In yesterday’s public meeting, Department of City Planning (DCP) staff made presentation and no testimonies were taken.

Amanda Burden, Chair of the City Planning Commission, stated that the Dock St Dumbo project is ‘the most difficult to date’. Discussion centered around the shadows, building height, and disproportion of the project, but stopped short of making any recommendations until the official CPC vote on April 22. Also possible recommendation not to exceed the height of the 30 Main Street building, which would reduce the proposed height from 183 feet to 151 feet (not counting the water tower/bulkhead) or an R7B zoning (which has a 75 foot height limit and recommended by the surrounding neighborhood associations (DNA, FFLA, BHA, and VHNA)). Amanda Burden requested more accurate drawings and images with true elevations for a more rounded picture of the building so it can be evaluated to respect both the Brooklyn Bridge and the community.

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