Digital Dumbo Drinks #3 (26Mar2009)

Digital Dumbo is a monthly networking event that showcases local Dumbo-based companies. This month’s event will include a live demo by showing the company’s new real-time collaboration features the company recently announced at the NY Tech Meetup. You can drop your own content from your mobile phone as the event is happening and help create the interesting and engaging content to look back on after the night ends.

Due to the large crowds Digital DUMBO has been pulling in, we’ll be hosting this month’s event in the main area of ReBar. We’ll have the side room marked off as well if you’d like to mingle there. Plus, we’ve negotiated some drink specials. Note that we’ve also moved the event back to 6:30 vs the usual 6pm start time.

Check out the recap of last month’s event from MediaPost’s Just an Online Minute.

What: Digital DUMBO Drinks #3
When: Thursday, March 26, 2009 from 6:30 PM
Where: reBar, 147 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201