New Makeup School Established in Dumbo

Dumbo is home to artists, photographers, designers, media companies, techies, fashion designers, and lots of small businesses. This is why Amy Nicole, owner of Chic Studios NYC ( felt that here along the waterfront of Brooklyn, Dumbo was the perfect location to set up a makeup school for both women and men, who are aspiring to be (or currently) involved in media, fashion, film, and photography. Amy is a professional makeup artist and the founder of Chic Studios, which she originally opened the first Chic Studios in Calgary, Canada before moving to NYC. She has an eye for current and hip trends, and knows the industry’s best professional makeup lines. Chic Studios NYC is focused on education the current and modern makeup techniques and the basic fundamentals of being a great artist, along with that, they offer professional photo shoots to begin, build or bring a bang to your portfolio. And, one of the most exciting offers, is they also do makeup applications for those who want to be made up.

Congratulations on your new business in Dumbo Brooklyn. What is Chic Studios and who are your clients?

Chic Studios NYC, is actually separated in a few divisions, two as of right now, and we are proud of both equally. Most people may have heard of our makeup school, Chic Studios NYC- School of Makeup Artistry, which offers courses for those beginning their careers as Professional Makeup Artists or Current Artists brushing up on their skills. With the school we offer courses ranging from 1- 3 weeks in duration (for now, but stay tuned as we are developing ADD ON courses), and vary in theory from Hygiene, Color Correction, Day & Evening Makeup, Fashion Makeup, Business Branding and Portfolio Development…. and everything in between! Our clients are anyone interested in makeup.
Then the division most people haven’t heard about yet, is Chic Studios Fitness, which specialized in Fitness Boot Camps, and offers Meal Planning and Personal Training. We begin our Boot Camps April 6th, and kick butt through out the entire spring, summer and fall months. (April-October) Check out our website for either of our divisions.

How did you end up in Dumbo? What do you like and/or dislike about the neighborhood?

Dumbo was our first choice when we considered opening Chic Studios in New York, as it is so artistic and full of Inspiration. It has the feel of a big city, with the heart of a small town! We loved the mix of the waterfront and park with the cobble stone roads and old buildings. Photo shoots here, are a lot of fun for our makeup artist students, and can you imagine being inspired to run or work out in any other area, Dumbo was great for both the school and the fitness division?! I remember thinking when I had Chic Studios in Calgary Alberta, “someday I want to be bigger than this city”, and in travels to NYC in the meantime, I felt that it would fit here in NYC nicely, right here in Dumbo actually, so I made plans to move… and I had to take chic studios with me.

As a student, what can they expect at Chic Studios NYC?

Tuition costs are affordable; the courses are designed to be the beginning phase of an artist’s career! We offer portfolio photo shoots, sell top brand cosmetics in our makeup kits, our curriculum is intensive and effective, and our instructors are leaders in the beauty industry! You can expect to begin your Career!

For further information on Chic Studios NYC or Chic Studios Fitness, go to or email

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