At Galapagos: Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies

You saw Galapagos bar manager, Christine, as one of the “Yes We Can-Can” dancers at the election night party on November 4. Now Galapagos will be bringing her dance troupe. (See Youtube video of them onstage doing the ‘can-can’ to the marionette song after Obama won.) Their first show is on Friday, January 23 at 8pm. Info:

Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies (January 23, 8pm, $12)

Rocha is back for another season of her critically acclaimed show, “The Painted Ladies.” Her choreography combines varieties of technical dancing with witty burlesque, making high-quality dance that is accessible and entertaining to general audiences. The fiery sextet of dancers combines zany tap-burlesque, aging virgins in chastity belts, sex angels and tassel-twirling pin up girls!

The performance entails several acts with pre and post music by DJ Joseph Rivas. With dancers Jillian Hollis, Shevaun Smythe Hiler, Molly Merkler, Christine Poland, Jessy Smith and Jenny Rocha. For more info, visit:

“this show puts the art back into tart” New York Press
“a hilarious trio for manic tootsies” The New York Times
“down right hilarious” Dance Spirit Magazine
“part feminist satire, part neo-feminist celebration, The Painted Ladies depicted feisty, sometimes comic, show girls down through history.” Eva Yaa Asantewaa