NYC Dept of Education Includes Dock Street in Capital Plan

(Photo rendering of Dumbo middle school from Two Trees Management)

The NY City Department of Education has released their proposed 5 year capital plan to invest in New York City’s future, “continuing to create the school buildings and facilities that the City’s children need and deserve.” It’s going to cost $11.3 billion for FY2010-2014. Embedded in the plan on page 23 states that “The analysis indicates that five districts in Brooklyn will see growth over the next five years. District 13, contains a substantial surplus of space given current enrollment levels but is projected to need a school building in the DUMBO/Navy Yard/Fort Greene area. This is primarily due to projected housing growth.”

The document includes plans for a 416 seat school at Dock Street (District 13), scheduled to begin design in October 2010, construction in June 2012 and completion in May 2014 with a total estimated cost of $43.83million. (Appendix K5). I may be reading this wrong, but the new capacity program overview costs are $56.22million (pg 22), which doesn’t correspond to the figure in Appendix K5.

An astute reader sent us this note:

“It’s listed as “small PS” (as opposed to the PS/IS or IS/HS categories), which I take to mean an elementary school, NOT a middle school, but I could be reading it wrong. No mention of the status of the PS 8 annex, either as a 2004-9 project in process or carried over to the new plan, but I’m not sure if the omission means anything.”

The plan doesn’t discuss who or how the school will be built, but Two Trees hopes to be part of the plan, which also includes a controversial residential building above the school.

{DoED 2010 – 2014 Five-Year Capital Plan – Proposed}

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