Vespas in Dumbo


Seems that Vespas are multiplying in Dumbo. As our DumboNYC Flickr pool contributor Josh Derr noted, “Vespas, it seems, are breeding faster then rats in DUMBO. (I base this off of the fact that I counted at least 8 Vespas in the immediate vicinity, but didn’t see any rats). At the present rate of growth, soon there will be more Vespas in DUMBO than actual people, eventually surpassing even the local Mini Cooper population.”

We’ve noticed the same. Also, a new Vespa dealer has set up shop in nearby Fort Greene Brooklyn. They’ve no doubt seen an increase of sales from the Dumbo area. With the shaky economy and high gasoline prices, are Vespas the new Mini?

(black and white vespas, photo by Josh Derr).

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