Nylon Cooks Launches in Dumbo

One of the great things about Dumbo is the number of creative and entrepreneurial people who base their businesses in Dumbo. We all have our favorite retail, creative, and service businesses here. However, in many people’s opinion, Dumbo can use more restaurant or food choices. So when I heard about Nylon Cooks food delivery service, I knew that many people will appreciate them as most of us don’t have a lot of time to cook at home.

Nylon Cooks is a new Dumbo-based business that just launched last week. With apologies to Brooklyn Enthusiast, they first interviewed the co-founders last week. But I had to find out more for myself. Nylon Cooks has a selection of menu choices, side dishes, and soups for adults and kids. The meals arrive in oven-proof packaging so you don’t have to clean any pots or pans.

We asked chefs Lindsay Broder and Kristen Clay about how the business started.
“After we graduated from The Institute of Culinary Education (where we met) all we kept hearing from our friends was ‘when are you going to cook for us? We’re so tired of takeout’. We quickly realized that this is the general consensus for busy New York City Dwellers. It became our mission to improve the in-home dining experience by creating meals that were as close to home-cooked as possible without the customer having to do any of the work such as shopping, cooking and cleaning!”

Do you have plans on expanding your delivery area outside of Dumbo?
“It seemed only natural since we both live in DUMBO to start our service here, but we realize that there are other NYC neighborhoods that are lacking for dinner options. Therefore, we do plan to expand in the future.”

What has been the reaction to your food by Dumbo residents?
“We have done a couple of tastings around the neighborhood and those that attended really loved the food and were so excited for the service to start! Some of these people have posted on their building blogs. One person wrote, ‘My husband and I have been so bored with all the food in the area- there is such a lack of good options- so we are thrilled about this new company. Everything on the menu is homemade and is absolutely delicious.’ –LS, 70 Washington. Another wrote, ‘If find yourself ordering out a lot than this is for you. The food is really good, healthy, and kid friendly.’ –AL, Jcondo.

I’m ordering my dinners from them next week. Good luck and congratulations on the launch of your business! For additional information on Nylon Cooks go to nyloncooks.com.

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