LPC Public Hearing for Dumbo Historic District Tomorrow

 Proposed DUMBO Historic District map (PDF)

The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) will hold a public on the proposed DUMBO Historic District tomorrow at 9am. Although Dumbo has been calendared, the hearing will assess public support for and against landmarking and hear opinions from anyone interested in testifying. DNA has been fighting for preservation of Dumbo’s historical industrial buildings while opponents, mostly builders and real estate developers who would rather not go through a process to change/modify/demolish their buildings will be there to testify against landmarking. This is the most significant event for Dumbo this year. If possible, please attend the meeting so the LPC can hear your opinions.

The details of the process is on the Dumbo Neighborhood Association website. Also, from our friends at DNA:

On Tuesday, October 30, 2007 At 9:00 a.m.
The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)
1 Centre Street, 9th Floor, NYC, Manhattan
Will Hold A Public Hearing To Assess Public Support

Save The Date!
Be There!* (be Sure To Bring 2 Forms Of Photo Id)
Mail A Card In Support!

It Is Vitally Important That People Show Up In Droves to Demonstrate Strong Support For Landmarking Our Beloved Neighborhood.

Attend if you possibly can. Just because the Landmarks Commission is holding a hearing doesn’t mean this designation will happen. Public support is imperative if we want to save DUMBO’s historic character. It’s like voting: if you don’t show up, you give up your right to be heard.

These hearings typically last an hour and a half. You can leave earlier if you must.

The opposition will be there … as is their right. At the hearing last spring the major builder/developers, their architects and their p.r. flacks were there in strength, with all the graphic support money can buy.

…and they have not been sleeping. Local developers have been working hard to prevent designation because setting some responsible guidelines might limit their maximum profit. Developers have already been running an anti-landmarking PR campaign and will send their employees to testify.

Don’t buy their argument. Landmarking will not halt the growth of this neighborhood’s residential population, or the services that will continue to come in and serve our growing population. Landmarking will help to preserve the unique architectural character of our neighborhood, and the special mix of artistic, creative and commercial services co-existing with residents—the combination of factors that helps make DUMBO the great community it is now.

We will have widespread support…. Our longtime supporter and advocate Council member David Yassky, who worked hard to get us calendared, and our friends in Brooklyn Heights, Vinegar Hill and Old Fulton Ferry will probably be there to help, as they were last time. But ultimately it’s our community. Help preserve it.

Would you be willing to testify?

Anyone can testify by signing up to read and submit a statement, three minutes maximum. If you can write your own, great. If you would prefer to read a statement prepared by us, please contact (name, phone, email) as soon as possible.

Where: New York Municipal Building at 1 Centre St. (one block north of City Hall, corner of Centre and Chambers Streets) North wing, 9th Floor.
Bring: two forms of photo ID.
Directions: By subway: A or C to Manhattan, one stop; change to 4 or 5; one stop to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall.
Walk: Brooklyn Bridge walkway, turn right one block.

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