Back in Time: UrbanDigs on Dumbo 2005

One of my favorite NYC real estate sites, UrbanDigs profiled Dumbo in 2005, when Dumbo was considered an “up-n-coming neighborhood”. He quotes a friend who said that Dumbo is like SoHo/Tribeca with “no retail stores, and a great waterfront view”. He mentions several restaurants in the area:

In the restaurant category I give Dumbo props. You got some great little places there including MISO at 38 Main Street, RICE at 81 Washington Street, SUPERFINE at 126 Front Street, WATER ST RESTAURANT at where else but 66 Water Street, the nearby and alwasy wonderful RIVER CAFE at 1 Water Street, the famous BUBBY’S at 1 Main Street, and FIVE FRONT at 5 Front Street.

Would the ‘Real Patsy’s Please Stand Up’ restaurant, otherwise known as GRIMALDI’S PIZZERIA is a no-brainer over on 19 Old Fulton Street. Finally, for you chocolate lovers, I give you JACQUES TORRES CHOCOLATES on 66 Water Street, between Main & Dock Streets. Just go there and you’ll see!

At the time, the lack of services were considered drawbacks of living in the area:

Now for the darker side of DUMBO. There aren’t many CLEANERS, DAY SPA’S (for the ladies), DOG WALKERS, or CHILD DAY CARE CENTERS. There’s probably a few different food styles that you have gotten used to here in Manhattan, that you won’t find in Dumbo. Its tough, I know. But this should gradually change. With buildings going up everywhere, the closest to completion being 70 Washington Street, this is sure to change. When the people arrive, so will the businesses. So have the vision, and buy for the 4-6 year range and you should do just fine in Dumbo, Brooklyn!

Fast forward to 2007. There are now two dry cleaners on Front Street (Bridgestone Cleaners ( at 109 Front Street and Golden Bridge Cleaners at 149 Front Street), two dog/pet day care centers (Cheeky Dog and Dumbo Pet Care), a spa, and a Dumbo Business Improvement District organization. There are still no child care centers, but new retail locations and services (such as Chase Bank and Sovereign Bank) have opened up. Dumbo gentrification has made its mark, and the change is one constant here.

{So What’s The Deal With Dumbo, Brooklyn Anyway…, 13Aug2005,}

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