NY Times Cityroom Prompts 215 Plymouth Stop Work Order

The NY Times Cityroom blog reported that the owner of 215 Plymouth Street building were trying to get a step ahead of regulation by doing facade work before the historic district is formally established by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The vigilant Julia Ryan, a member of the steering committee of the Dumbo Neighborhood Association, called the NY Times reporter to document the illegal work on the building. A permit was not issued by the city.

At 3:45, the city inspector issued a stop-work order to the Sheva Realty Corporation, the owner of 215 Plymouth Street, charging “work without permit at first floor”; in particular, “bricks being removed to increase window and door openings.”

Some areas where old Dumbo industrial buildings are located are still like the wild West. Landmarking issues aside, building owners need to work under the laws and obtain the proper permits before working on their buildings. We’ll be watching.

{A Wall Is Torn Down in Dumbo, Prompting the City to Halt Work, 27July2007, Cityroom}

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