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The Fitness Guru

Fitness Guru has been a nice addition in the neighborhood since January 2007. Most comments from readers mention the knowledgeable staff and comfortable atmosphere, which is important in a gym that offers various levels of group classes. NY Times reporter Abby Ellin says:

“The problem with most exercise classes is that right around 30 minutes the tedium sets in: Oh, joy, another right hook!
This can be especially galling for those afflicted with Fitness Attention Deficit Disorder. Luckily, the folks at the Fitness Guru, a studio with about 300 members in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, have devised Bounce-n-Slide, a cross-training frenzy to combat the monotony. And it does.
The hourlong workout is evenly split among jumping on a mini trampoline, sliding on a 6-foot-by-2-foot plastic sheet that mimics ice, and abdominal mat work.”

Time to get in shape for the summer.

The Fitness Guru (
215 Water Street, Dumbo Brooklyn, NY 11201

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