BKLYN Designs 2007 Recap in Dumbo

 Photo courtesy of Roitsch.

This weekend in Dumbo was a busy one.
Brooklyn Pigfest 2007 packed the Empire Fulton-Ferry State Park to benefit the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy and we saw plenty of families at restaurants for the “Brunch Under the Bridges” promotions in Dumbo.

But the biggest event, BKLYNDesigns 2007 kicked off a three day expo of furniture, design, and home decor, and drew crowds from all over the world. BKLYN Designs founder Karen Auster organized another great weekend of emerging Brooklyn designers and gave them a platform to feature their design pieces to the world. Several exhibitors were from Dumbo, but others were from Williamsburg, Red Hook, and Greenpoint. We met attendees from Australia, UK, Japan, Germany, and of courst all boros of NYC. Congratulations to Karen and the BKLYN Design team! I’m no designer, so I’ll let the experts review some of the designs (see below list of sites that have reviews as of Sunday). From a non-designer’s perspective, I thought the event exhibitors displayed their great talents, but I wish that each exhibitor had more space to show more of their work. I couldn’t attend all the events, but the “Going Green: Doable or Daunting? A Discussion of 3 Green Renovations” was an interesting discussion of how everyone can renovate their homes in a more eco-friendly way. BKLYN Designs 2007 was the biggest one yet, but next year’s will feature even more. Looking forward to it.

Some BKLYN Designs 2007 feedback from around the net:

Also, newish Brooklyn blog McBrooklyn also has a summary of events in Dumbo from this weekend. What did everyone think of any of the events this weekend in Dumbo? What did you like/dislike about BKLYN Designs 2007?