Dumbo Chocolate Wars

 Jacques Torres hot chocolate (Photo courtesy of Hagoody)

Almondine Bakery owner Herve Poussot, who developed the Water Street Dumbo bakery with the help of his friend, the Dumbo Brooklyn chocolatier Jacques Torres, has stopped selling Torres’ hot cocoa to sell his own version, according to The Brooklyn Paper story. I haven’t tried both hot chocolates, but I am a fan of Almondine’s sandwiches and pastries and Jacques Torres’ chocolate chip cookies. The two are in a friendly war of hot cocoa:

The move is part of a larger separation between Poussot and Torres, who fostered his friend during Almondine’s first two years, helping to create one of DUMBO’s favorite lunch spots. The partnership, said Poussot, expired about half a year ago.

“Torres showed me how to build my business,” said Poussot. “Now I fly free.”

Poussot wouldn’t comment on whose hot chocolate he preferred, saying the question was akin to asking someone’s favorite color. But Poussot did reveal some of his secret methods (Oompa Loompas were not involved).

“I start with a good chocolate and add only milk and cream – no starch or stuff like that,” said Poussot. “The chocolate is 64 percent cocoa, from France.”

Based on feedback quoted in the article, Jacques Torrres’ hot cocoa can’t be beat. During the hot summer months, Torres offers a frozen version, called the ‘frozen hot chocolate’. No matter how it’s prepared, the chocolate wars is good for chocolate lovers.

{Chocolate war in DUMBO: It’s mugs at dawn for Jacques Torres and old pal, The Brooklyn Paper, March 3, 2007}

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