Must Don't Whip 'Um At St. Ann's

From the New York Times:

Her latest piece, “Must Don’t Whip ‘Um,” which made its debut at St. Ann’s Warehouse earlier this week after a staging in Minneapolis, is a triumph of disciplined thinking, narrative fluidity and musical accomplishment.

Ms. Hopkins tells the story of a failed and missing fictitious 1970s rock singer, Cameron Seymour, through the pieced-together reminiscences of her daughter, Mary, who is making a documentary about her in hopes of figuring out exactly who and what she was. The conceit allows for the use of projected images from live cameras and the presentation of hilarious mock documentary footage – witnesses to the era who inform Mary in interviews that her mother wasn’t quite the Janis Joplin genius she had imagined.

“Must Don’t Whip ‘Um” continues through Feb. 4 at St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn; (718) 254-8779.

{Mama Was a Rolling Stone, NYTimes, 1/26/07}