The Carousel News and Trader Talks About Jane's Carousel

[Update: Related article by Jane Walentas in The Carousel News and Trader here.]

From The Carousel News and Trader, an interesting article on how much detail and effort was put into the restoration of Jane’s Carousel:

“Over the years she met with such accomplished carousel restorers as Will Morton, and Rosa Ragan. She also visited carousels they had been involved with, including PTC #6 and the Pullen Park Dentzel in Raleigh, North Carolina. Every step of the restoration was approached with caution and assuredness, from choosing the paint colors all the way down to the small jewels used on the mirrors on the rounding boards. Not one small detail was overlooked. Even the small pinstripe design on the saddles were carefully detailed. The spectacular chariots were stripped down to the original paint, revealing beautiful designs on the back, and on the nonromance side of them.”

{PTC #61 in Brooklyn, 1/17/07}
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