J Condo Gets Curbed Treatment

J Condo is getting the Curbed.com treatment, being the focus of two posts in 3 days. On Jan 3, Curbed posted Dumbo’s Dose of Brick and Glass with some nice photos of J Condo and Beacon Tower. The commenters discuss the increase in condo inventory in the neighborhood, proximity to Manhattan Bridge, and pricing. While Dumbo condo prices approach the $1000/square feet range, there are some who believe it is worth the price (either because of proximity to Manhattan or cool neighborhood vibe) and others who say that anyone who purchased in Dumbo are idiots and will not be able to sell later at their purchase price.

Today’s (Jan 5) posting gives J Condo the distinction of “The Shining Star of Dumbo” because of the reflection from the sun in the afternoon and late afternoon on the glass side of the building. My take is that although the building is proportionally large, at least on the street side, the brick facade is more consistent with the old brick buildings of the area. The glass side brings more light to buildings on Adams and Washington Streets in the afternoons. If the J Condo is the “Shining Star”, does that mean that Beacon Tower is the shining moonlight, named for its ‘beacon’ of light at night? (I’ll post a pic of the Beacon at night when I get around to snapping a night shot this weekend).

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