How to Impress a Woman? Go to Dumbo!

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So how does an out of town guy impress a woman who lives in Manhattan? Take her to Brooklyn, say commenters on Chowhound. A gentleman is “visiting NYC this weekend to meet for a first date of sorts with a lovely young woman who is originally from the South, and a relative newcomer to Manhattan.”

Planning on heading over to the DUMBO arts festival in the afternoon on Saturday – What can chowhounds recommend in the neighborhood for lunch and/or dinner that is bound to impress?

Some place, a true chowhound place, that will make her wonder…”How did HE, who doesn’t even live here, know about this great place in this neighborhood?”

It’ll be our little secret. 😉

Some recommend going to Jacques Torres for the chocolate or to Almondine for the ham and brie sandwich. “If she doesn’t like either, you don’t want to be with her.” Agreed, well said.

But there are opposing views on River Cafe:

No no no on River Cafe. It’s great, but very formal and expensive–and you will be surrounded by dressed-up couples celebrating their anniversaries or proposing marriage–way too much for the early date stages (where it sounds like you are.) Instead, try Superfine, a funky/cool restaurant and bar practically under the Brooklyn Bridge that has an American/Mediterranean menu with some Southwestern touches (they also do a great bluegrass brunch on Sunday mornings, should the date last that long….)

A casual first date restaurant will probably be more comfortable for both of you. If you are coming from Manhattan, why not walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and take in the breathtaking views? That should impress anyone.

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