Dumbo Brooklyn Weekend Reading (11/11/06)

  Photo courtesy of spinachdip

  • Lawn and order, Brooklyn Papers, Nov 11, 06

    Tom Combs, a Jehovah’s Witness, moved from Oregon to the sect’s world headquarters in Brooklyn in 1958. He has been Dumbo’s anonymous mowing man since 1971, mowing the areas near the Brooklyn Bridge entry ramp.

  • At Toro, time to support the troops, Brooklyn Papers, Nov 11, 06
  • You call THAT a Brooklyn pie!, Brooklyn Papers, Nov 11, 06

    “You know what the main problem with Domino’s “Brooklyn-style” slice is? It stinks.
    Sorry, that wasn’t a fittingly “Brooklyn-style” put-down. Domino’s new pie doesn’t merely stink. It freakin’ stinks like the Gowanus canal after a big rainstorm.”

  • Elected Officials Urge: First Develop Brooklyn Bridge Park Land, Fort Greene Courier, Nov 10, 06

    “A letter regarding Brooklyn Bridge Park from six elected officials to the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) has drawn both criticism and applause from community groups…
    “The intent [of the letter] is to say to build some green space and soccer fields first and get the park going first so developers responding to the RFP can really see the park,” said Stanton.

    Stanton said the Empire Stores were never planned to become a big revenue generator and hopes are that the site will house more cultural and educational uses.”

  • Meanwhile, in Dumbo: Ain’t No Bubble Burst, Curbed.com, Nov 7, 06

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