Street Vendor Art in Dumbo

  “I Have a Thing for Street Vendors”, Photo courtesy of mashyguy

During the Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival, the streets of Dumbo were lined with artists displaying their art or selling artwork. Also during events throughout the year, there are local art and craft sellers on the street. Despite discussions of expensive rentals and million dollar condos in the area (which are pricing many artists out of the area), Dumbo still has local artists doing great work. Come support them at events such as the festival or DUMBO First Thursday Gallery Walk.

From the flickr photo above, the photographer writes:

Overall, that was my general sentiments when discussing it with Roberta last night. The building were oozing with the smell of terps [and toner/ink cartridges]… Lots of earnest stuff; a lot less “anti-_____” stuff than I was dreading.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood is changing; BUT interestingly enough the larger of the devlopers here seems to be preserving pockets… They know the area cannot become the retail mecca SoHo became, so they kinda want to hold onto the Artist/resident cache as long as possible.

They moved Roberta from her studio with the trillion dollar view of the Brookly Bridge and lower Manhattan; BUT they did provide here with 1000 square feet at under $2,000/month. Which, is honestly unbeatable in this ‘hood.

  “SoHo circa 1980 Revisited”, courtesy of mashyguy

{“I Have a Thing for Street Vendors”,}