Dottie, the 1977 Dumbo Green Cab

If you’ve walked around the Dumbo Brooklyn neighborhood, you probably have seen this vintage green car. The car seems to match the old cobblestone streets and the pre-war buildings (now converted to condos). You can now buy it for $7500. The owner bought it from its original owner, a retired cab-driver. Many Dumbo residents and visitors have taken photos of the car and is somewhat of a “celebrity” in Dumbo. So owner, why are you selling? Too bad, ’cause it would’ve matched the proposed trolley going up and down Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Some additional photos by Dottie admirers:

  Photo by mulia

  Photo by danivance

  Photo by justinyc

  Photo by bugged_out_cars

  Photo by mad_pixelist

  Photo by dr.snitch

{Checker 1977 – unique ‘NYC state of mind’ opportunity – $7500,}

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